(Above breakdown will be updated shortly with actual graphic. Above is temp, but accurate)
Token Tax:
4% Buy/Sell
Breakdown of Tax: -3% DAO Governed Tax -1% AMM
The DAO Governed Tax will be enacted autonomously by a script. We determined to operate this way for two reasons: 1) Having one simple contract function for tax distribution results in lower possible gas fees for transactions 2) Having the tax established this way by script is both easy to track on blockchain, and allows for our dev to make adjustments to how these taxes are utilized if the community votes to make adjustments to it.
Whether that's determining adjustments for which tokens are selected for the rewards pools, or deciding a different usage altogether for the taxes to be utilized, the community will be able to propose and vote on alterations, and those adjustments can be acted upon more easily by our dev team.
Starting off, the partner tokens we will be having auto-bought by our script and made available for NFT holders to stake for are $GUARD and $KNIGHT.
We believe these both to be strong long term investment assets; providing for great options to our community members to accumulate as they wish!
Any amount of $GUARD and $KNIGHT accumulated through our tax allocation script that surpasses the threshold required for keeping the rewards pools well filled will be added to our treasury.