We value not giving false promises when it comes to a roadmap and this roadmap is to be as transparent as possible. We will work with our full power to deliver every milestone in as timely of a manner as possible.
While extensive and detailed roadmaps can look impressive to new investors, they can also be problematic. Development takes time. Not to mention that it can cause handcuffing in project teams exploring new paths that present themselves that could prove more optimal and effective for the project in the long term.
For this reason, we have re-established our roadmap into a milestone-based roadmap which will be updated on a more frequent basis - and with transparent announcements of updates to the community.
🏁Phase 1
⭐️Marketing Campaigns Commenced
⭐️Launch of $PDAO
⭐️NFT Staking Platform Live
⭐️Governance Voting Platform Live
⭐️Rewards Staking Live
⭐️Launchpad Platform Live
⭐️PadmonDAO Education Station Resource Library Made Available To The Community
🏁Phase 2
⭐️Biweekly Workshops Implemented ⭐️Community Proposals and Voting Officially Begin
⭐️First Presales Voted In and Filled
⭐️Community Engagement Activities Begun. Games. Giveaways. Fun Stuff Ensues.
⭐️Partnerships With Additional Launchpads, DAOs, Various Projects, KYC and Audit Companies, etc.
🏁Phase 3
⭐️To Be Determined By You!
⭐️One of the fantastic aspects of our DAO - The future is rife with possibilities!
⭐️Want to have arranged in-person events? Submit a proposal!
⭐️Want a gaming platform developed to start up battle tournaments with your NFTs? Propose it!
⭐️Poker tournaments on the weekends with different tiered buy-ins? You got it! Propose it.
⭐️Want to form a special council to handle various community matters? We can make that happen.
⭐️The community decides our future. Our board of directors will simply oversee to make sure that resources are utilized wisely and to safeguard our community from voting in projects in which we spot major red flags.