How To Utilize Your NFTs

PadmonDAO's platform and operational system has been built out to provide for an immersive user experience.
Investors will purchase as much $PDAO as they would like to invest in. They can then stake theie $PDAO for a PadMonkey NFT of their desired tier level as described in the 'Tiers' section of this WhitePaper. Additional $PDAO can be utilized in farming, holding for swing trading as launchpad tokens have a tendency to have reasonable volatility especially around presale dates, hold long term for growth, or whatever best suits each investor's individual strategy.
Holders of our PadMonkey NFTs can utilize them in a number of ways:
Of course the NFTs grant access to all upcoming presales hosted on our launchpad platform:
-ApeSh** Tier is 100% guaranteed allocation -Bananas Ape Tier is also 100% guaranteed allocation -Ape In Training Tier is FCFS (first come, first served)
Holders also retain governance voting rights. They can cast their vote in any and all proposals regarding which projects you'd like to invest in, community activities to arrange, additional development suggestions, use of treasury funds, etc. Depending on tier level of NFT held, you also hold a weight to your vote. We determined a system that gives greater weight to larger investors, but not to such an extent that whales have full control of votes
-ApeSh** Tier holds governance weight of 1 -Bananas Ape Tier holds governance weight of 3 -Ape In Training Tier holds governance weight of 7
Holders can also submit proposals! We have a channel in our Discord server where holders can discuss proposal ideas as well via support ticket, so that members of the board of directors can talk through the proposal ideas with the members and aid in ensuring they're well thought out and clearly proposed for the rest of the community to vote upon.
NFT holders will also be able to stake their NFT to yield token rewards in $PDAO, or in tokens supplied through partnerships! Creating for additional optionality for our holders in between periods of presales and governance voting opportunities.
Along with those direct usecases for the NFTs, holding them also unlocks channels of our Discord that are available to active holding community only. For particiapting in community engagement events such as gaming or poker tournaments, special opportunities made available to holders, our regularly scheduled workshops for live discussion of educational concepts, learning useful skills, project research for those that have been proposed, etc.
Ultimately we intend to make holding our NFTs as valuable as possible! Further opportunities are in our vision to be unlocked over time as we reach a number of milestones!