Welcome to PadmonDAO!

We believe a "whitepaper" should be easy to read and simply help you understand how the project works. We hope the following information provides that. Let's start with the basics.

What is PadmonDAO?

PadmonDAO is a DAO-styled launchpad platform established on BSC network that allows for our community to be able to directly take part in the full process of project research and determination of which projects are brought on to our platform for their early presale raises.

There will be proposals brought to the community in which summaries of info for upcoming projects are provided along with all relevant links. The community is given a predetermined amount of time to read over the project details and then cast their vote on which they would like to participate in investing in!

We have developed our launchpad system in a way that allows us to host project presales on multiple network chains in a very simple manner. We aim to become leaders in the launchpad space in providing an educated approach to immersing our community of investors into the ins and outs of the world of DeFi - where we can all learn together and have direct say in what projects we would like to invest in together!

We will continuously provide a wealth of educational materials to our community as well as set up regular workshops where members can engage and ask questions, learn together, and we can dig into project research live together. This allows us to actively note positive and negative signals in prospective projects and create an environment where our entire community becomes better and better at doing their own research!

Any and all questions are always welcomed in our community. We appreciate getting to know each other as people and like-minded investors. Questions are especially welcomed by anyone who is looking to gain a greater understanding of investing, identifying their preferences and aligning strategies to match, learning safety and security measures to keep in mind while navigating the DeFi space, etc.

We also greatly enjoy facilitating a communal space where our members can bond by getting to learn more about each other, sharing strategies, and playing games! We even frequently host community gaming rounds with prizes to the winners!

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