MetaMask is one of the most widely used software wallets. It's most frequently the default wallet established for compatibility with web3 dApp platforms. Having personally assisted many people through troubleshooting transactions, MetaMask users tend to require assistance the least frequently when it comes to technical difficulties experienced from the wallet itself - and tends to be very simple troubleshooting required when users do experience problems.

To get MetaMask, first navigate to

Click the 'Download' button at the top of the webpage, select whether you'd like to download the browser extension, or mobile app for Android or iOS. You can also find it listed in the Google or Apple Store if downloading for mobile.

Once you've downloaded the app or extension, you will be prompted to create a wallet.

Create a password that's both easy for you to remember, but is not something that's easy for someone to guess (your name, address, birthday, pet, etc.). It's actually been found to be more secure to use a longer, more complex or multi word passphrase rather than a short alphanumeric password.

You will be presented with your wallet's seedphrase. Write this down on a sheet of paper or use some form of physical storage like a mnemonic metal and store it in a safe place that only you will find it. (An actual hidden 80lb+ safe is a great option if available). I personally know instances of people who have typed or copy/pasted their seedphrase into their phone or emailed it to themselves and ended up being the victim of a hack. Even if the odds of this occurring aren't high, it isn't worth the risk. Physical storage is best.

You now have your wallet! Keep your password and seedphrase safe and secure, you're good to go.

MetaMask is initially setup with Ethereum Network. To add another network (like BSC): -Click the tab at the top that displays the current network name -Click 'Add Network' -To add a custom network type the Network Name (BSC Mainnet for example), the network RPC node, the Chain ID, the network native asset symbol (BNB for example), and the web address of the block explorer for the network -A simple google search such as "How to add BSC network to MetaMask" will yield easy to follow instructions such as this:

Once you transfer in some funds from your CEX of choice (Binance, KuCoin, FTX, etc.), you're good to go!

Keep in mind you will always need at least a small amount of the native network asset (ETH/BNB/FTM/MATIC, etc) for gas fees in order to process transactions.

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