PadmonDAO Tiers

PadmonDAO has three different tier levels. These tier levels are subject to change, but very rarely, and will be discussed transparently and voted upon with the community prior to alterations being established. We are operating as decentralized as possible, so all major project moves and decisions will be decided upon collectively via governance voting.
$PDAO will be staked in a sort of NFT farm/pool. Depending on how much is staked, you will receive an NFT in return that corresponds to your tier level per amount staked.
Our tiered NFT collection is PadMonkeys! So you get to decide what level of monkeybuisness you'd like to partake in:
Ape In Training Tier - 10,000 $PDAO Bananas Ape Tier- 40,000 $PDAO Apesh** Tier - 70,000 $PDAO
A 5% staking fee is collected which goes towards keeping the $PDAO rewards pool replenished with paid-for $PDAO tokens to be yielded.
Our PadMonkeys collection is limited to 1500 NFTs in total:
Ape In Training Tier - 750 NFTs Bananas Ape Tier- 300 NFTs Apesh** Tier - 200 NFTs
This means there are 1250 total NFTs available per initial supply. We determined that number in allowing for plenty of opportunities for our membership to grow to a large thriving community, while making guaranteed allocation tier NFTs still amongst the more coveted.
These NFTs can also be traded on marketplace. This can be an especially alluring option to higher tier members. Perhaps those who mint more than one. With them being limited, if someone wants to newly enter the community or level up to a tier that is minted out, they will have to buy it from someone willing to sell. That provides for opportunity for the holder to sell for a greater amount than they paid in staking for the NFT.
The additional upside to this occurring, is that only the wallet that stakes $PDAO for the NFT is able to re-stake their NFT to reclaim their $PDAO tokens. If the NFT is traded to a new holder, those tokens staked become effectively removed from circulation permanently. Which creates for an artificial, holder volunteered token burn, in which those tokens can never be sold, yet the original staker still made profit!
Just another form of optionality for holders that ultimately benefits the project.