Pacing of Our Presales

The public presales that we host on our launchpad will occur typically in 5 stages:
1) First round will be a Whitelist Round. This is a limited access round with a limited percentage of the total allocation for a select number of whitelisted wallet addresses that earned their spot through actions taken.
2) Second round will be for ApeSh** Tier PadMonkey NFT Holders. This is a guaranteed allocation round. ApeSh** Tier NFT Holders will have 60 mins (announced with each presale) to submit their contribution to the presale.
3) Third round will be for Bananas Ape Tier PadMonkey NFT Holders. This is also a guaranteed allocation round. Bananas Ape Tier NFT Holders will have 30 mins to submit their contribution to the presale. ApeSh** Tier holders can also participate in this round if they missed the initial 60 mins of their designated round.
4) Fourth round will be for Ape In Training PadMonkey NFT Holders. This is a FCFS round (first come, first served). Ape In Training NFT Holders will have 30mins to submit their contributions
ApeSh** and Bananas Ape Tier holders can also participate in this round if they missed contributing during the earlier designated rounds.
With our governance system in place, we will be able to gauge with relative accuracy how much investment allocation the active community wants to be able to purchase, so generally everyone in our community should have no difficulty obtaining their desired allocation.
However, we have no way of knowing the exact contributions that will be made prior to presale days. So there is the possibility that presales get filled entirely during round four.
5) Fifth round will be open for public availability. This round will only commence if there is any remaining token allocation after the Whitelist and NFT Holder rounds. Anyone will be able to participate in this round, regardless of being a holder or not, so that the general public can participate as well.
Occasionally we will have presales that are available ONLY to our active NFT holding community. This would be the case for instances of private or seed sales.
The Participation
Presale contributions will be submitted on BSC network. The currency will be announced prior to the presale, whether it's in BNB, BUSD, USDC, USDT, bETH, etc. We will ensure to use the currency that makes the most sense for the project we're hosting, and for ease of our investors.
1) Ensure that your wallet is connected to the platform. Our platform is compatible with MetaMask, TrustWallet and SafePal wallets.
2) Presale pools will be displayed on our platform dashboard with the time and date displayed for when they are set to go live.
3) Once the pool has become live, it will state when it's in Whitelist / NFT Holder / Public Round. Open up the pool to find the project summary along with the details for tiers and allocations.
Click the 'Buy' button, type in the amount you would like to contribute, and submit. The transaction confirmation will pop up in your wallet. Confirm the transaction and once it's gone through, you're all set!
Our platform was developed to be very straight forward and user friendly to eliminate the likelihood of difficulties and complications in users coming to participate in our presales :)