The $PDAO Token

$PDAO is the native token that powers the Padmon platform, users will have the ability to purchase enough $PDAO so that they can stake it to obtain one of three tier level NFTs. The higher tier levels allow you to purchase higher allocations in new top projects raising their early stage capital, as well as gaining greater (but fair) weighting in governance voting.
$PDAO is established on BSC network. We chose BSC for a number of reasons.
-Inexpensive gas fees for presale contribution, staking, governance voting, etc. Anything that involves users to perform transactions. -Fast speed of transactions without needing to push excessive gwei -Binance Smart Chain network is consistently in the top 3 chains when it comes to trade volume, TVL, number of protocols, etc. -Considering the above, there are a consistently large number of projects that are launching on BSC, so while we CAN and will host presales for projects on other network chains, likely a significant number will be on BSC -We have positioned ourselves to integrate with the Knight Ecosystem which is largely established on BSC